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Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used throughout history for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Gemstones are still widely used today to release blockages so that the natural flow of the body’s energy system can be restored. Each type of stone carries its own vibration that has been influenced by geometrical form and color. When an individual embraces its energy, the gemstone emits its energetic frequency which has a powerful vibratory effect to empower the receiver. Gemstones can be used for healing, balancing, transformation, soothing emotions, activating abilities, and attuning the mind, body, and spirit. They can be worn and used often to create a more harmonious life.

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hematite-1Hematite is a metallic gray iron oxide mineral. It helps absorb negative energy and is calming in times of worry and stress. Hematite helps develop concentration and focus, and brings balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit.


honeyjade-1Honey Jade is the common name for a creamy, golden looking jasper. Honey Jade imparts joy, happiness, cheerfulness and inner peace. It teaches the interconnectedness of all life and radiates unconditional love. Honey jade strengthens the nerves and overcomes fatigue.


howlite-1Howlite is found in large cauliflower like masses in it’s natural state. It’s natural color is white or gray but because it takes dye easily it has become an inexpensive alternative to more costly gemstones. Howlite calms and soothes the emotions, can slow an overactive mind and help to achieve a deep and restful sleep. It can assist in reducing stress, anxiety and tensions and works with the heart to bring gentleness, patience and tact.


jade-2Jade creates a positive attitude towards money and can be used to attract more of it into ones life. The soothing green color of jade also makes it a wonderful healing stone. It can instill a sense of calm and well-being, and can help to increase ones enjoyment of life. Jade improves vitality and is associated with wisdom, peace and harmony.


jasper-4Jasper is a member of the quartz family and comes in many colors. It is a nurturing stone and is great for balancing physical energies, and easing emotional stresses. Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence. It encourages honesty with yourself, and helps to increase responsibility and compassion.


kambabajasper-1Kambaba Jasper is an exotic looking stone from Africa. It is an opaque forest green and black jasper, deep and rich in color. Kambaba Jasper stabilizes the emotions and soothes the nerves and mind. It is a grounding stone, providing protection and reducing fears and insecurities. Kambaba Jasper helps find a sense of balance and assists in relaxation. Use this stone when working in an environment with lots of negativity.


labradorite-3Labradorite itself is a silvery gray but changes according to the angle of light refraction, and may be blue, green, yellow, and pink. It is considered a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions, developing enthusiasm and to see more clearly in meditation.


lapis-2Lapis Lazuli is an aluminum silicate with a deep blue color. It usually has inclusions of pyrite and/or calcite. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for those who seek spiritual attainment, connecting the wearer to a higher truth. It stimulates personal and spiritual power and brings mental clarity and emotional healing. Lapis Lazuli can open the door to inner-knowledge and self acceptance.


leopardskinjasper-1Leopardskin Jasper, also called Jaguar Stone, has intricate circular “leopard” markings with tawny deep brown tone contrasts. It is a supporting stone and helps draw into your life whatever you need for physical healing. Leopardskin Jasper attracts forces of harmony and repels forces of disharmony. This stone fortifies natural resistance, helps to maintain health, and will strengthen and fine-tune your body’s overall regulatory mechanism.


malachite-1Malachite is a green stone, usually banded in tones varying from very dark green to a mellow green. It promotes harmony and improves communication throughout your physical body. Malachite’s energy flows through in a rhythmic, wave-like motion, and alerts your body to its own dis-harmonies. This allows your own healing forces to be activated so balance can be restored.


moonstone-1Moonstone is a stone of passion. It is said if you give your lover moonstone when the moon is full you will always have passion for each other. Moonstone is a very feminine stone and strongly connected to the moon. It helps to align the hormone production, metabolism, and reproduction. Moonstone also brings good fortune, enhances intuition, and brings success in love and business matters.


mossagate-1Moss Agate is a multi-shade of green that resembles moss or trees. It is a powerful stone to help balance emotional energy. Moss Agate is considered an abundance stone and believed to bring the wearer health, friends and riches. It is used by midwives to assist in delivery and reduce pain in childbirth. When placed in the garden, Moss Agate helps to foster better growth in plants. It is a stone of new beginnings.


motherofpearl-2Mother Of Pearl is a shell obtained from white sea mussels. Like a mother’s love, it is nurturing, soothing, and protective. Use Mother of Pearl when you are experiencing out-of-balance emotions, unfulfilled emotional or physical needs from childhood, a senses of abandonment, or difficulty feeling or expressing love.


obsidian-2Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava which cooled too quickly for crystallization to occur. It has a glassy luster and is most often black but can occur in other colors. Obsidian helps to block negative energies and protects against depression. Use obsidian in an environment that is charged with negative energy and allow it to transmute the negative energy into positive. Try wearing Snowflake Obsidian if the black feels too strong.


oceanjasper-6Ocean Jasper has unpredictable color swirls and wavy patterns of green-gray, white, cream, beige, brown, pink and maroon. It is a stone of joy, encouraging optimism and bringing into focus the positive aspects of one’s life. Ocean Jasper lifts the spirits and increases expression of love in words and actions.


onyx-1Onyx is a protective and strength-giving stone. It guards against negativity and helps to calm one’s fears, leaving them feeling stable and secure. Onyx helps in letting go of old habits, releasing the past or attachments, and moving on. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Onyx imparts self-control and encourages a stable life.


peridot-2Peridot is a protector against negative emotions and is often called the stone of “positive vibes.” It is a stone of lightness and beauty, and brings a joyful, friendly energy. Peridot clears the heart, releases the ego, and brings about a sense of peace. A visionary stone, Peridot brings insight and helps connect us to our destinies.


picturejasper-2Picture Jasper is a wonderful stone for connecting with earth and nature. It is often called the stone of Global Awareness and is said to promote feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for and protect it. Picture Jasper is used to create harmony, balance and positive energy flow. It stimulates the immune system, to help clear pollutants and toxins from the body.


pyrite-1Pyrite is known to attract abundance and ease financial hardships. The resemblance of pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. It is an excellent shield stone, blocking out negativity from various sources. Pyrite boosts self confidence, stimulates the intellect and helps to transform thought into intelligent action.


quartz-4Quartz can be found in all shades and colors but Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone of all the crystals. It is able to work on any condition. It attunes to the higher self making it an excellent stone for meditation. Clear Quartz energizes and activates the energy centers within the body, protects against negativity, and enhances metaphysical abilities and spiritual growth.


rhodonite-1Rhodonite is known as “the rescue stone”. It helps dispel tension and anxiety, balances the emotions, relieves and soothes heartache and grief. Rhodonite helps to heal emotional scars left by old wounds. It promotes self esteem and self confidence. Rhodonite enables forgiveness and compassion, for yourself and others. It mends a broken heart and attracts new love.


rhyolite-1Rhyolite, also called Rainforest Jasper, facilitates change and is associated with variety, creativity and progress. It can help gain insight, strength and self-realization. Rhyolite processes the past and integrates it with the present. Rhyolite is a balancing stone and is recommended for help with issues of self-esteem and emotional strength. It helps to stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives.


riverstone-3Riverstone has a creamy white appearance with beautiful, subtle patterns. Riverstone accelerates change. It will help you break out of a rut and move more swiftly through changes in yourself, your health, or your life. Effects of other life-promoting therapy or therapeutic gemstones are intensified or accelerated when used with Riverstone. This stone aids in meditation and spiritual work. It is best to use this stone with a clear focus and intention.


rosequartz-1Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, opening the heart to love of self and others. It promotes tenderness, comfort, gentleness, joy and hope. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz lowers stress and tension, clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues. Rose Quartz supports an existing relationship, promoting trust, commitment and harmony.


serpentine-3Serpentine, also referred to as New Jade (though not a true jade), is an excellent meditation stone and helps you to understand the spiritual basis of life. It assists in finding inner peace and helps you to feel more in control of your life. Serpentine helps to correct mental and emotional imbalances and encourages the ability to solve conflicts by peaceful means.


smokyquartz-1Smoky Quartz is a protection stone. It is grounding, stabilizing and has a strong link with the earth. Smoky Quartz is nature’s stone of endurance and a superb antidote to stress. It is excellent for overcoming negative emotions, relieving depression, and elevating moods. Smoky Quartz will give you an extra boost and promotes pride and joy in living. It is worn for emotional support and balance.


sodalite-2Sodalite is an opaque, navy blue stone with characteristic white calcite streaks and flecks. Sodalite is stone of self expression and confidence. It promotes inspiration and creativity, making it an excellent choice for artists and writers. Sodalite assists in issues of self worth, self acceptance, and self esteem. This stone will help to achieve emotional balance, and calms anxiety and panic attacks.


sunstone-2Sunstone is an orange to reddish-orange stone containing small hematite crystals that give it an additional sparkle and fire. Sunstone brings light to all situations and has a bright, joyful energy that instills optimism, increases vitality and lightens dark moods. This stone will restore life’s sweetness and help you to nurture yourself. Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence.


tigereye-1Tiger Eye combines earth energy with the energies of the sun. It is an excellent grounding stone and promotes balance and strength. It is used to focus the mind and is excellent for people who feel spaced out or uncommited. It supports integrity and assists in accomplishing goals. As a power stone, Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting wealth, money and luck.


turquoise-1Turquoise is a master healing stone that helps to strengthen the entire body. It is also a protective stone, providing strength, purification and solace for the spirit and overall well-being. Turquoise dissolves a martyred attitude or self-sabotage, releases inhibitions and prohibitions and helps let go of old behaviors that no longer serve in one’s growth. To be gifted Turquoise brings good fortune and peace.

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