“Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.” - Harvey MacKay

You have the power to create a job or career that you love!

If you're not already experiencing a satisfying work situation, now is the time to decide exactly what you want and begin creating it. You can change it one step at a time.

The work that you're doing now, and what you have done in the past, contains the seeds of your ideal work. You have had opportunities of contrast to become more clear on what your ideal work is.

Your daydreams about your ideal work are not just wishful thinking, they are messages from your Inner Being. Your feelings, imagination, desires and dreams have been your Inner Being's way of guiding you to your ideal work. It will be something you love to think about, feel connected to, are familiar with, or already working on. Your ideal work may not be a job you can find – it may be a job you create.

As you allow yourself to dream and imagine, you are creating a new reality. And as you get specific about what you want, you Inner Being immediately begins to create it for you. You don't need to know when or how it will come, just trust that it is coming.

Your ideal work will:

  • Give you a feeling of aliveness
  • Feel fun and make you happy
  • Feel satisfying and fulfilling
  • Allow you to express yourself more fully
  • Use skills you enjoy using
  • Help you to grow and evolve

Work & Career Coaching

What is your ideal work situation? Allow yourself to get in touch with satisfying work that lights you up! Schedule a coaching  session to discover your life's work and create a job or career that is fulfilling and prosperous.


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