Conscious Creation

What is Conscious Creation?

In a nutshell, conscious creation is creating reality on purpose. The premise is that everything we have experienced in our life is our own creation, and anything we wish to create in our life is never further away than our own thoughts and imagination.

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Conscious Creation Lingo

Download the Conscious Creation Lingo PDF for terms commonly used among conscious creators.

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Conscious Creation Tips

This list is for conscious creators who want to know the best manifesting tips for successful manifestation. Applying these suggestions will help you to create your very best life! These have worked for me, and with practice, they will work for you too.

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Conscious Creation Techniques

One of the most important factors of creating your life on purpose is flowing energy to your desires. I am continually adding new techniques to my conscious creation toolbox that have worked for me and have influenced the results of my clients. Give them a try and use any or all that work for you!