Happy Tap – Say Yes To Your Desires With EFT Tapping

If you are familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, then you know that the key to leveraging the Law of Attraction and manifesting your desires is to get clear on what you want, then relax and “allow” the Universe to bring it to you. Often, this is easier said than done.

The Happy Tap, created by Phillip and Jane Mountrose is an awesome EFT tapping tool that will help you to let go of resistance so that your desires can flow to you with more ease.

EFT tapping can be miraculously effective by itself, but when you combine it with “Yes” affirmations, the results can be remarkable. And it just feels good!

Phillip Mountrose shows you how to simply say yes to what you want in the following video:

Happy Tap: Say ‘Yes’ with EFT Tapping Technique

The word “yes” has a positive energy and gives clarity. It helps you to discern and decide what you really want.

For the “Happy Tap” tapping technique, we use the affirmation “I say yes to __________________.” Of course, you must be clear on what you say yes to.

You can say “yes” in general (“I say yes to a happy life”), or to something more precise (“I say yes to receiving $5000”).

You can say “yes” to specific manifestations (like better health, wealth, relationships) or qualities (like more peace, clarity or confidence).

For an all-purpose affirmation, you can say “Even though I have [issues/problems], I say ‘Yes’ to my dreams and goals now.”

After using this technique for a few weeks now, I have enjoyed ending each tapping round with “Thank you Universe for [desire].”

Here is an example of saying “yes” to more money:

  • Karate Chop (repeat 3 times): Even though I have some doubts and worries, I say yes to having more money
  • Top of Head: I release any and all doubt about having more money.
  • Eye Brow: I say yes to more money
  • Side of Eye: I say yes to having more money.
  • Under Eye: I say yes to receiving more money.
  • Under Nose: I say yes to attracting more money.
  • Chin: I say yes to more money.
  • Collarbone: Saying yes to more money.
  • Under the Arm: Yes to more money.
  • Top of Head: Thank you Universe for bringing me more money.

Or, you can get more specific:

  • Karate Chop (repeat 3 times): Even though I don’t know how it will come to me, I say yes to receiving $5000.
  • Top of Head: I release any and all doubt and worry about how it will come to me.
  • Tap through the points: I say yes to receiving $5000.
  • Top of Head: Thank you Universe for bringing me $5000.

Personally, I love this tapping technique! I have been practicing it daily and it has become my favorite process to release resistance! It is uplifting and shifts my energy faster than any other technique I have tried.

I suggest making this powerful, easy-to-use “Happy Tap -Say Yes with EFT” technique part of your daily routine. When you start your day with a few rounds of “yes” tapping, you create a positive momentum that will influence the outcome of your day and ultimately, your manifestation results.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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