Energy Life Coaching

Whether you want improved health, financial freedom, harmonious relationships, or just to feel better, I am here to help you to step into your power and get into alignment with your desires. I will teach you everything I know about energy, vibration management, and how to create the most joyful life you can imagine.

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EFT Coaching

Are you having trouble letting go of negative emotions such as worry, fear, anxiety, or stress? EFT Tapping is the best technique I know of to release resistance that keeps you from manifesting the joyful life you want. Book an EFT Tapping Session to bring your energy back into balance so you can live a happy, healthy life.

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Distance Reiki

Would you like to feel more relaxed, empowered and aligned with your natural state of well-being? Do you want to have greater clarity and direction in business, relationships, health and personal issues? I offer Distance Reiki (pronounced ray-key) to assist you in releasing resistance, regaining balance and realigning with Source Energy.

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Dream Life Coaching

If you want to stop settling for a mediocre life and start creating the most joyful life you can imagine, this 4 week Dream Life Coaching program will help you to develop a plan to make your dream life your reality.

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Email Coaching

Are ready for coaching but too busy for traditional sessions? Then email coaching may be for you. It’s easy, flexible and convenient. Simply write, and send your emails as time permits, then sit back and wait for your reply.

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Thank you infinitely!

My experience with the Dream Life Coaching sessions has had a profound and resounding impact on my life, my wellbeing, my clarity, and sense of direction and purpose. My spiritual self feels uplifted and supported in a way that I’ve never before felt. This is the ultimate feeling in personal growth – Empowerment. Thank you … Read more "Thank you infinitely!"

Corinna, California

Christa’s approach to life in general is refreshing…

“I started meeting with Christa weekly, eager to get a handle on my life so that I could enjoy each day to the fullest. She helped me to focus my attention on the positive things instead of on things I did not want. The results of my work with her have paid off exponentially in … Read more "Christa’s approach to life in general is refreshing…"

DuAnn, Idaho

I’m much more positive about life…

“I find I’m much more positive about life and now I realize that I have control of my health, relationships and general happiness!”

Patty, Washington