Christa has helped me with a total 180 degree turnaround…

“Christa Smith is worth her weight in gold. I had been looking for over a year for a coach but for several reasons none ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for. I have two streams of income , one of them being trading stocks. I have been doing this with varying degrees of success for 40 years. I wanted clear repeatability in my winning trades. I have a vast self help library and came to Christa through her books which are wonderful. Whenever I have had issues (the frequency is lower now) Christa has worked extremely hard and come back to me with detailed solutions. I trade in extremely volatile markets and Christa has helped me with a total 180 degree turnaround. I owe a large part of my Success to HER BRILLIANCE , PATIENCE AND GENEROSITY where she has always worked her heart out for me, a total stranger, half way across the globe. I wish Christa, her family and all those who have the GREAT KARMA to meet her every success. From Sorrow , Confusion and Chaos to being.” – Pirojgar, India

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