I am moving forward and gaining momentum…

“Through many events of my life, I was exploring and learning how to be happier, calmer, letting go and getting more of what I wanted. Even though, I was on the right path and making advancements there were things still missing in my life. Then I received Christa’s number from my Cousin. Since then we have worked together on multiple issues, including resistance and awareness of my thoughts. Through all my negative emotions and situations, Christa always remained calm, present and available. (Someone had to be calm because there were times it wasn’t me!) With the ease of each session, free of judgment, and the calm sensation afterwards, I knew I needed to stick with my new discovery. She stuck to the basics and was dedicated to her work of LOA (law of attraction) during our sessions. Currently, I feel more advanced than I did when we started. My work with LOA is leading me to the life I want to live! I know I am moving forward and gaining momentum in areas of my life. I am thankful for Christa’s time, experience and willingness to coach others like me.” – Jeni, Georgia

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